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Property Management Services

  • Pricing: We price rental properties by doing a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). This helps us to know how the market is regulating the rents in a particular area.
  • Advertising: It is our goal to market your vacant property through all appropriate methods. Each tenant has their own way of locating a home to rent or buy. This could be by driving around desired neighborhoods, using a real estate professional, or surfing the web. In recent years, the vast majority of rental traffic we receive is through online marketing.
    With our interactive website that profiles photographs of our available rentals, we update it daily to make sure that all potential tenants are seeing our properties as soon as they are available for rent.
    In addition to posting it on our personal website, Craigslist, and hundreds of other online rental sites, we place our available properties in the MLS (multiple listing service). The MLS allows thousands of real estate agents to show the property at anytime.
  • Screening Tenants: Finding good tenants is just as important to us as it is to you. It is our goal to obtain qualified tenants for each property. (Please remember that the condition of your property will determine the quality of tenant we can secure.) Unlike some property management companies, we do not out source our tenant screening. We do all tenant screening in house so we are personally hearing what people have to say about potential tenants. The Tenant Screening includes a credit check, employment/income verification, and rental history verification. Income verification is important to make sure the tenant has sufficient income to pay the rent. Talking with current and past landlords will assure us that tenants will take care of the properties we rent.
  • Tenant Move In: Full security deposit in certified funds is required to take a property off the market. We have a highly detailed lease that is updated continually to stay current with current laws and legal trends. We do a complete walk through report at move in to document the condition of the property.
  • Rent Collections: By collecting the rents on the first of the month this allows us time to process the rents quickly and get the money to our clients as fast as possible.
  • Tenant Retention: Our most challenging job as managers is not managing the property but managing the residents. Good tenants are the key element to any successful rental property investment. Keeping tenants happy to insure the longevity of the tenant’s occupancy is critical. Friendly staff, availability and quick response to questions and maintenance requests will satisfy a resident and make them less likely to move. We ask for our owners’ cooperation regarding tenant services whenever possible.
  • Maintenance: At Leland Real Estate Corporation, we understand your need to be kept abreast of your property’s condition both physically and financially. With our in house maintenance, we can control costs and quality. We always do our best to contact our owners about any maintenance needing to be done at their property. Over the years we have assembled an excellent selection of honest technicians for every area of repair your property may need. Prompt attention to maintenance items keeps tenants smiling and prevents minor problems from turning into high dollar repairs later.
  • Inspections: We believe that inspections on all of our occupied properties are critical for our clients. We need to be able to see how a tenant is caring for a rental property after having lived there for 6-7 months. During the middle of each lease, each year we will do a complete evaluation of our client’s properties, with a written report and complete photographs. This is a great tool in deciding whether or not to renew a tenant’s lease.
  • Lease Renewals: We prefer to only offer leases of one year or more but will consider a shorter lease on a case by case basis. We send out lease renewals on every lease prior to expiration. If a tenant chooses to not renew a lease, we will begin marketing the property immediately.
  • Monthly Statements: Thanks to our management software, owners are able to see current and past statements immediately by accessing a secure online owner portal to Appfolio.
  • Move Out: When a tenant vacates a property we again do a complete inspection of the property comparing the move in inspection to the move out inspection. We will charge the tenant’s security deposit for any damages they are responsible for under the lease. In the state of Virginia, we have 30 days by law to account for or return a tenant’s deposit.